which is the best water purifier for home use

Which is the Best Water Purifier for Home Use?

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People may go weeks without eating, but they can only go a few days without water. It would be a gross exaggeration to suggest that fresh water is essential! However, drinking clean water is just as vital as getting enough of it! An integral component of a healthy home is a top-notch water filtration system. It’s also among the simplest changes you can make for a healthier lifestyle. But the question persists which is the best water purifier for home use? So, there are various top-notch water filters that are suitable to use and are readily available for every type of home.

Some of the top brands of water purifiers available in India are Aquaguard, Kent, Faber, and many more. Additionally, they fall into a basic range, which makes them excellent for any budget. But do you know there are certain filtration systems that you can install at your home under your budget? Yes, we will list all the best water purifiers for home use.

What to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Water Purifier?

You must first ascertain the source and characteristics of the available water, including its hardness, salinity, and TDS, before choosing a water purifier. Let’s now examine TDS in water and determine the safe threshold for drinking it.

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Total dissolved solids, or TDS for short, is the term used to describe the inorganic minerals and trace amounts of organic substances found in water. The most prevalent elements in TDS are hydrogen carbonate, carbonate, sulfate, nitrate anions, potassium, sodium, and magnesium cations as well as chloride and hydrogen carbonate. TDS is generally expressed as parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per liter (mg/L) (parts per million). A TDS meter, which can be bought locally or online, can be used, or your water can be analyzed in a laboratory.

TDS readings of less than 200 ppm are typically regarded as being quite safe for drinking. Groundwater usually has 500–3000 parts per million of total dissolved solids (TDS), which means that cleaning it requires an RO water purifier. One of the most crucial things you need to keep in mind when reading the water purifier buying guide is checking its TDS

Types of Purifier

Depending on the mechanism of various purifiers, it is divided into further 3 types. All the types are combined in only one purifier or can be used separately to have clean water. The best water purifier for home use that combines all the different types of filters and helps to clean water. 

RO Technology

Reverse osmosis is a popular method of purifying water that uses RO membrane technology. It is employed to remove germs, contaminants, and dissolved salts from the water. The semipermeable membrane allows just water to pass through. Dangerous substances, dissolved salts, and water-born germs are left behind. A RO water filter is suitable for hard water with a high TDS level.

UF Technology

In the ultrafiltration purification process, a membrane with bigger pores is used in the membrane technology. It removes all minuscule contaminants from the water. The dissolved salts and solids in water are difficult to be removed by this membrane.

UV Technology

By employing ultraviolet light to eradicate germs, bacteria, cysts, and other undesirable species, it is possible to eradicate 99.99% of harmful organisms from water. It uses a small mercury lamp to generate short-wave UV radiation, which sterilizes water and enters bacterial and virus cells to prevent them from proliferating and ultimately destroy them.

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Which is the Best Water Purifier for Home Use?

Even after knowing all the types of water purifiers and the process, one must still be confused with the question that which is the best water purifier for home use. So, when it comes to home use purposes, you must first know the TDS of your local water. Depending on the TDS, you may go for either a purifier with combined membranes or a purifier with only a single membrane according to the use. Here are 5 top water purifiers for home use. 

Kitchenmate RO Water Purifier

Modern RO water filter and purifier ZeroB Kitchenmate preserves the elegance of your kitchen without compromising interior design. Kitchenmate uses proprietary ESS technology to purify water through seven stages of purification, sanitizing the entire system to prevent the growth of germs and slime and giving you the purest, safest drinking water possible.


  • Instant Purification of Water 
  • Switched Mode Power Supply
  • Gives pure and safe water at a flow rate of 2 liters per minute
  • Electronic choke stabilizes the UV intensity to ensure 100% pure and safe drinking water

Kent Supreme Copper RO Water Purifier

KENT is a well-known brand that offers some of the greatest water purifiers for homes. It has several purification stages, including RO+UV+UF+Copper+ TDS Control, which eliminates even dissolved contaminants to produce 100% water that is safe to drink. 


  • The filtration performance is outstanding
  • The appealing design enhances the atmosphere in your kitchen
  • One unique feature is the in-tank UV-LED
  • It’s a great option for medium-sized Indian households
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Eco RO Water Purifier

Compared to standard RO purifiers, an Eco RO water purifier conserves 80% more water. It includes an E-health cartridge with ESS protection and a 9-stage purification process that yields a threefold increase in clean water recovery.


  • Offers 3 times higher HRR pure water recovery
  • Prevents germ build-up in the stored water
  • Reduces water wastage by 80% 
  • 8-stage purification process

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HUL Pureit Vital Max

This machine may be installed without a complicated procedure. Free installation is provided by the company, and following the installation, a specialist will give a demonstration of how it works. The machine’s small size and attractive appearance go well with the style of your kitchen. You can put it on the counter or wall mount it.


  • 7-stage purification process 
  • Tabletop or wall-mountable 
  • 8-litre water storage capacity 
  • RO, UV, and MF technologies

Havells Gracia Alkaline Water Purifier

Havells Gracia water purifier is a wise option. It has a premium stainless steel water tank that filters out chemicals, pollutants, and other impurities. This 5-in-1 water purifier has three distinct modes that you can select from based on your convenience.


  • 5-stage purification process 
  • Transparent 7-litre tank 
  • Copper and zinc treatment 
  • UV and UF purification


It is common knowledge that leading a healthy, disease-free life requires drinking water that is both pure and odorless. You can select from a variety of Pureit purifiers when shopping online that will work well for your family and house. In your search for the best purifier for your house, we hope this shopping guide on water purifiers will be helpful.

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