RO Water Purifier For Your Home Types & Uses

RO Water Purifier For Your Home | Types & Uses

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Clean drinking water is very crucial to maintaining good health. There has been an increase in the contamination of the natural water supply with the increase in urbanization and industrial development. The contaminated water leads to health problems like high blood pressure and other illnesses. At this time, water purifiers come into play. In this blog, we have covered all the details you should know about the types of RO Water Purifier for your home, including essential information on RO maintenance.

What is an RO Water Purifier?

What is an RO Water Purifier?

The RO water purifier is a water purification technology that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove harmful particles from the water. RO also helps to reduce the TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) of water. TDS refers to the number of contaminants in the water, such as calcium, chlorides, and bicarbonates. High TDS shows a need for a water purifier to be used for drinking purposes.

RO water purifier works by passing hard water through the membrane with the help of a pump, leaving contaminants such as lead, sulfates, etc behind, resulting in purified water. 

Types of RO Water Purifier

Mentor Water provides different types of RO Water purifiers that help remove chemicals, contaminants, and other bacteria from contaminated drinking water.

  • Kitchen mate RO Water Purifier

Kitchen mate RO water purifier follows seven stages of purification to treat contaminated water. This RO uses ESS (Electrolytic System Sanitizer) technology to purify water instantaneously. The best thing about this water purifier is that it can work during voltage fluctuations, leading to pure and safe drinking water. Moreover, it does not interfere with your kitchen interior as it comes in a sleek and compact design that can be placed under the sink. 

  • UV Grande + Water Purifier

UV Grande + Water Purifier uses ESS technology along with next-gen UV technology to treat water. The ESS technology protects the tank water and prevents the regrowth of slime or harmful bacteria. This RO Water purifier can easily be mounted on the wall of your kitchen.

  • Eco RO Water Purifier

Eco RO Water Purifier follows a 9-step purification process that provides 3 times pure water compared to other purifiers. Unlike other RO water purifiers, this saves water up to 80%. Eco water purifiers consist of E-health cartridges along with ESS protection. 

  • Wave + RO Water Purifier

This is one of the smart-looking water purifiers that provides 100% germ-free water. Wave + RO water purifier uses a double safety purification process and removes all harmful chemicals or bacteria, resulting in pure and safe drinking water.

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Uses of RO Water Purifier

  • Purified Water: Using RO water purifiers in your home helps to remove contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, and dissolved solids from the water. This results in pure and safe drinking water.
  • Reduced TDS: The technology incorporated in these RO Water purifiers helps to lower the level of TDS i.e. reducing the water hardness and making it safe for drinking or cooking purposes.
  • Cost-Effective: Buying an RO water purifier is more economical compared to purchasing bottled water. 
  • Flexibility: Most RO Water purifiers can purify water originating from different sources such as tap water, well water, and borewell water. 
  • Good Health: Removal of harmful bacteria or viruses from the contaminated drinking water results in maintaining good health. 

Key Factors to Consider While Choosing the RO Water Purifier for Your Home?

While choosing RO Water purifiers for your home, you should know the TDS level of your tap water. Apart from TDS, you should also consider:

  • The storage capacity of the RO 
  • Maintenance cost
  • Guarantee (should consult with your manufacturer)


RO Water Purifier for Your Home

In conclusion, investing in an RO water purifier is a great step towards the health and well-being of your family. There are various types of RO water purifiers with different benefits available in the market. All you need to do is figure out your problem and choose accordingly.

We at Mentor Water Experts believe in providing innovative solutions and customized products. If you want any further assistance regarding home water solutions or want to know more about the benefits of different types of RO water purifiers, you can give us a call at 7351002123 and our team will get in touch with you.

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