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Troubleshooting Tips For Your Pool Pump Problems

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One of the plumbing system’s most crucial components is the pump for a pool. It forces water through the filter, keeping it clean in the process. Pumps frequently experience issues because they have to work so hard for keeping the pool clean. The main causes of Pool Pump Problems involve leaking and defective cleaners. However, they can be certain more problems that can result in your pool malfunctioning. 

Even the most advanced, powerful pool pumps occasionally have operational issues. Pool pumps experience significant yearly wear and tear, and a single storm, temperature change, or power outage can result in equipment problems. Here are five of the most typical problems and suggestions for how to handle them.

Pool Pump Problems and Solutions

The pool pump is the central component of your pool’s filtration system. It’s crucial to perform maintenance and basic troubleshooting on this equipment because it drives the entire pool system. Here, we will discuss typical pool pump problems in this article and offer solutions to keep your pool’s filtration system in good working condition.

pool pump problems

Problem 1: Leaking 

A defective pump lid or faulty shaft seals are the two main causes of a leaky pool pump. Examining the water levels in your pump may occasionally reveal an entirely different issue. Of course, this issue may also cause the pump to be loud all day.  The replacement of the pump’s two components (lid and shaft) is not too difficult. Re-priming the pump can allow you to determine if the region around your pump is absorbing extra water.


Finding a leak from the pump lid might be challenging because water leaks only when the pump is turned off. However, there are only two items to look at and correct once you’ve established that the leak is coming from the pump lid. The O-rings on a pump deteriorate due to an air leak. They lose their ability to properly seal, allowing the water in your pump to escape. 

You must also pay attention to any pipes that lead to your pool pump for hissing air. If you find any, spray the area with water from a hose to locate the leaky pipe since it will spit water.

Problem 2: Low Water Flow

Low Water Flow can lead to the deterioration of your pump over time. This indicates that your pump has to be primed because something has stopped the water flow or suction. It might be blocked, have a clogged pool filter, or have too much air in the system. Your skimmer may be clogged with leaves or other material if your pump is struggling to remove water from the pool and move it through the filter. Pumps not drawing water might also be caused by a clogged filter.


Look after your filter gauge to see if anything is obstructing the suction of your pump. Clean your filter if the pressure is 10 psi or more above the typical measurement. This will lower the pressure and reset the flow of your pump. 

Next, look for debris in the pump’s impeller and basket. If there is air in the system, it is most likely due to a leaky o-ring or the skimmer. Check your skimmer basket for debris and make sure the water level in your pool isn’t too low. 

pool pump problems

Problem 3: A Bad Motor 

The most frequent pool pump issues aren’t always the worst. Pool pump motors perform a lot of labor over the course of their lifetime in order to maintain the operation of your pool’s sanitization and heating systems. Simple wear and tear over time might degrade them to the point of dysfunction.

Even if it’s difficult, it is still feasible to spot a pool pump that’s beyond its prime. If you go near your pool pump and hear a screeching, metal-on-metal sound, there may be an issue. This noise is a sign that the internal components of your pump are either stuck, causing a lot of friction.


It could be challenging to resolve this issue. To increase airflow to the overheated component, you can try cleaning the vents on the motor’s underbelly. Installing a motor cover is another method for preventing overheating brought on by direct sunlight.

If you are unable to fix the issue, you might decide to operate your pump at night when it is cooler or contact a good pool contractor to look into it.

Problem 4: Defective Cleaner 

The hoover for your pool is intimately related to the other parts of your pool system, despite the fact that it may be thought of as being independent of them. As a result, a broken Hoover can be a sign of more serious problems with the pool pump. Take a deeper check if your hoover takes a long time to collect trash or if its suction cannot pick up the dirt on the pool floor.


Check the valve line to make sure the cleaner line for the Hoover when the pool pump is running. If the vacuum filter is dirty, clean it. If none of these alternatives for normal maintenance succeed, you might be dealing with a pump air leak.

Problem 5: Pump Shaft Seal

If water is trickling down the seal plate’s backside, the pump shaft seal may be leaking. Purchase the appropriate replacement shaft seal for your particular pump once you’ve decided the shaft seal has to be replaced.


There can be various solutions to this problem. You can expel the pool pump problem – 

  • By loosening the bolts, slide the motor half out of the pump.
  • Remove the diffuser to reveal the impeller.
  • By firmly gripping a wrench on the motor shaft’s back, prevent the shaft from sliding.

pool pump problems

Avoid Pump Issues 

These are some of the most common pool pump problems you can face in your pool system. At Mentor Water, we’ve dealt with just about every problem imaginable with pool equipment. Fortunately, a broken pool pump doesn’t always need to be completely replaced.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’re having problems with your pool pump or if you just think your pump might eventually have a mechanical or electrical problem. We take pleasure in maintaining a pleasant community. Our wide selection of products, all of which are of the highest caliber and come from the best manufacturers in the business, contains everything you require to avoid pool pump issues.

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