Why Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plant is Necessary

Why Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plant is Necessary

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Maintenance of sewage treatment plant is essential to maintain environmental safety and public health. To guarantee that these plants function successfully and efficiently, regular maintenance is required. This blog examines the advantages of and justifications for sustaining sewage treatment plants.

Understanding The Significance Of Sewage Treatment Plants

The purpose of sewage treatment facilities is to clear wastewater—including domestic and commercial effluent—of impurities. Reusing or carefully releasing the cleaned water into the environment can help save water resources and lessen pollution. Wastewater can provide serious health and environmental dangers if it is not properly treated.

Advantages Of Frequent Repair/ Maintenance Of Sewage Treatment Plant

Advantages Of Frequent Repair/ Maintenance Of Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Guarantees Effective Functioning

All of the waste water treatment plant’s sections continue to operate at their best with regular maintenance of sewage treatment plant. This include maintaining chemical dosing systems, cleaning filters, and inspecting and fixing mechanical components. Shorter interruptions and expensive emergency repairs are two benefits of efficient operation.

  • Prevents Pollution of the Environment

Sewage treatment facilities that keep their equipment up to date efficiently rid wastewater of dangerous impurities. In order to prevent the release of partly or partially processed waste water into the environment, regular maintenance guarantees that the treatment systems are operating appropriately. By doing this, contamination to soil, water bodies, and ecosystems is reduced.

  • Safeguards the general public’s health

Sewage treatment plants that are properly maintained guarantee the efficient removal of germs and hazardous substances from wastewater. As a result, there is less chance of public health concerns and the spread of illnesses caused by water is stopped. Clean and safe water is crucial for the general public’s health.

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  • Increases Equipment Life

The equipment used for sewage treatment facilities has a longer lifespan thanks to routine maintenance. Plant operators can prevent costly replacements and premature equipment failure by addressing minor concerns before they become big ones. Long-term cost reductions and dependable plant operation are the outcomes of this.

  • Complying to regulations

When it comes to treating and discharging wastewater, sewage treatment facilities have to abide with municipal, state, and central laws. By ensuring that the facility complies with these regulations, routine maintenance helps to prevent penalties and legal problems. Furthermore, fully complying to the safety rules increases trust between the general public and regulatory organizations.

  • Efficiency in Energy Use

Sewage treatment facilities that receive regular maintenance run more smoothly and use less energy. This reduces the plant’s carbon impact while simultaneously lowering its operating costs. Energy-saving practices support environmental preservation and sustainability.

  • Regulation of Odor

Unpleasant smells from faulty sewage treatment facilities might bother the companies and households nearby. Regular repair, such as cleaning and adequate ventilation, helps reduce and eradicate smells, enhancing the standard of living in nearby localities.

Important Maintenance Duties

  • When doing daily rounds, ensure that the system pressure remains within the permitted range.
  • Verify the waste water treatment plant’s functionality by inspecting the airlift return. The opaque plastic pipe used on the installation allows you to inspect the flow. Watch as a clear sludge enters the aeration chamber through the tubes.It verifies the proper operation of your system.
  • Every week, a bio-pac must be added to the system to guarantee your plant’s increased efficiency. When submerged in hot water, the aerobic bacteria in the bio-pac become active.
  • Sewage levels rise over time as a result of the sludge buildup in the aeration tank. The amount of dirt or sludge buildup is expressed in mg/L. The next step is to fill a conical flask supplied by the manufacturer with a sample of the sludge until it reaches the 1000 ml limit. After allowing the collected sludge sample to settle in the flask, the sludge content reading is verified.
  • In addition to the sludge content, you also need to confirm the biological oxygen demand (BOD) level. It is important that the BOD level remains below 50 mg/litre. By adequately oxygenating it and incubating it at 20 degrees, the BOD sample is evaluated. 
  • Make sure that there are no cracks or blisters in the inside coating of your system in addition to checking for sludge and oxygen saturation. If you see any damage to the pipes, empty the tanks right away and contact maintenance so that the required repairs may be completed on schedule.
  • If a UV disinfection system is installed in your sewage treatment plant, remember to replace the UV lamp according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • The overboard pipe is discharged to a wastewater treatment facility using high and low-level-limit valves. Reassure that these switches are always operational.
  • Make sure your backup sewage water output pump is left in automatic mode while the sewer treatment facility is operating.


Important Maintenance Duties

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