How to Find the Best Hard Water Softener for Your Home

How to Find the Best Hard Water Softener for Your Home

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‘Hard water’. These two words seem small but signify various problems that concern every individual. It causes limescale buildup, dry skin, and even damage to appliances. But do not worry! There is a magical device to solve the problem of hard water – a water softener. It is the perfect solution for treating hard water at home.

Water Softener is a device that helps to get rid of harmful minerals from water, such as calcium and magnesium. But now the main question arises: How to choose the best hard water softener for our home? Selecting an appropriate water softener is a difficult task with so many options available in the market. 

Here is the solution for you all! In this blog, we have covered all the main elements that should be considered while choosing the best hard water softener. 

Check the Hardness of your Water

Check the Hardness of your Water

Before searching for the best water softener, it is essential to understand and check the hardness of your water. You can check it using a water testing kit or contact the local utility for a water quality report. 

Water is described as “hard” when it has high levels of calcium and magnesium, which come from the Earth’s crust. The total hardness is measured by adding up the amounts of calcium and magnesium, shown as calcium carbonate, in milligrams per litre (mg/L). Here’s a simple guide to understanding water hardness based on calcium carbonate levels:

Below 75 mg/L Soft Water
76 to 150 mg/L Moderately Hard Water
151 to 300 mg/L Hard Water
More than 300 mg/L Very Hard Water

The common units of measurement are used to check the hardness of water i.e., PPM (parts per million) or GPG (grains per gallon). If your water is 120 PPM or more than 7 GPG, you require a water softener to treat the hard water in your home. 

Understand Your Requirements – Water Consumption and Family Size

After checking the hardness of water, let us now discuss how much water you use. The capacity of a water softener is expressed in grains. Two things must be kept in mind while selecting a water softener of a particular size: 

  • Daily Water uses: Use an online water usage calculator or average your water bills to get an idea of how much water you use each day.
  • Family Size: Generally speaking, a larger family uses more water compared to a smaller family.

For example, if your family consists of four members and uses 500 gallons of water per day at a hardness of 10 GPG, then you may require a water softener with a 40,000-grain capacity. 

While choosing the appropriate size, you should take advice from an expert in softening to ensure you select the perfect softener for your home. Consulting with a specialist will help you consider factors such as water hardness levels and household water usage, leading to a more efficient and effective system. Additionally, it’s beneficial to understand how your water softener integrates with the broader context of your water treatment plant, ensuring that your home’s water quality meets the highest standards.

Types of Water Softener

Types of water softners

There are four types of water softeners with different capabilities and features. It’s essential to understand the benefits of each softener before choosing the right one:

1. Salt-Based Ion Exchange Softeners:

These are the most common hard water softeners that are considered an effective device for removing hard minerals from the water. It works by replacing calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions with the help of an ion exchange process. These softeners are perfect for households with high levels of water hardness. Mentor Water provides Auto Soft – 1, 2, 3, and 6 models, which effectively reduce water hardness.

2. Salt-Free Water Softeners:

These softeners use alternative methods like TAC (Template-Assisted Crystallization) that stop minerals from sticking to the surfaces. They do not remove the hard minerals from the water but prevent limescale buildup. Salt-Free Water Softeners are perfect for those households with medium water hardness. ZeroB Hydrolife is the salt-free water softener provided by Mentor Water that prevents limescale buildup without removing minerals.

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3. Dual Tank Water Softeners:

They consist of two tanks, one renews the water while the second tank produces soft. These softeners provide a constant supply of soft water making them ideal for bigger houses with larger water consumption. 

Consider these water softeners and check which one matches your needs and preferences. 

Check the Flow Rate

It is also crucial to consider the flow rate factor while choosing the water softener. Flow rate shows how quickly water can pass through the system. Make sure that the softener you selected, fulfills the water demand of your house. 

Size and Installation

Size & Installation of water Softners

Selecting a water softener that meets your installation needs and available space is crucial because it comes in a variety of sizes and configurations. Consider elements like the size of the softener and any extra piping or electrical requirements. 

If you are not able to install the water softener on your own, then it’s best to seek help from the experts.

Additional Features and Warranties

 You can also check for additional features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, digital displays, programmable settings, or warranty coverage to ensure protection from defects or malfunctions.


To sum up, purchase high-quality water softener that promotes the long life of the plumbing system and appliances. By considering the above-mentioned factors, you will be able to choose the ideal softener. 

Are you still confused? Connect with the Mentor Water team and they will help you in selecting the right hard water softener for your home. You can also consult our team for the installation of the water.

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