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5 Steps to Choose the Right Solar Panel for Your Home

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With the growing demand for renewable energy, the Indian government is trying to increase solar capacity to 450 GW by 2030. The government has introduced solar subsidies for home solar panels to aid in this drive. With so much Government support, you must be thinking of installing a solar panel at your home. So we are here to guide you in choosing the perfect & right solar panel for your home. 

Your home can use solar panels to supply renewable energy, which benefits the environment and lowers your electricity costs. But not every panel is the same. What situations a panel performs best depends on the material it is composed of, the type of solar inverter it uses, and how it is mounted on your roof. Consider all the variables before purchasing solar panels for your home, then select the one that is best for you.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Solar Panel

The list that is mentioned below was put together as a buying guide. Always bear in mind that purchasing a solar panel system is a long-term investment, so there are many factors to consider besides just the cost. Here are a few factors you must consider before purchasing solar panels.

purchasing a solar panel system is a long-term investment

Type of Solar System 

On-grid and off-grid solar systems are the two primary categories of solar systems. Either sort of solar system can be installed. However, rather than choosing the more affordable option, you should install either type according to your monthly electricity needs. On-grid solar systems are connected to the city power grid which gives a monthly bill according to use whereas off-grid solar panels are connected to the battery which saves energy & can be used later.

Quality of Solar Panel

This considers the solar panel’s manufacturing process and the calibre of the materials utilized to construct it. The quality, cost, and efficiency of the panels produced by various manufacturers vary. It is a good idea to look into a company’s history or reviews before choosing a solar panel supplier to see how previous customers have felt about each option. Since you’ll be investing a lot of money, it’s critical to do some research to see whether customers are happy with the product and customer service.

Cost of Solar Panel

When evaluating solar panels, this is likely the first consideration for most people. The cost of a solar panel is affected by a number of factors, including the size (in Watts), physical size, brand, material quality, durability (or warranty period), and any certifications the solar panel may have.


Typically, solar panels come with a 25-year warranty (different for different companies). If the manufacturer does not provide a longer warranty period, you might assume that their product is inferior and that they do not want to accept any liability. This can be true or false but make sure you choose a solar panel with high durability.

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Energy Efficiency

The amount of light that is converted into electrical energy by a solar panel determines how much power your system will produce, i.e. the efficiency of the solar panel. The better (and more expensive), the more effective. Purchasing the largest and most effective solar panel is not always the best option since you risk paying more money than necessary to meet your energy needs. Choose wisely!

7 Benefits of Installing Solar Panels at Home

  • Saves Money
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Increase Resale Value
  • Saves Energy
  • Continuously Produces Electricity
  • Diverse Options

The amount of light that is converted into electrical energy by solar panel

Steps to Choose the Right Solar Panel for Your Home

Once you have seen the factors that you must consider before making a purchase, you must know the steps of making a decision. Getting a perfect and right solar panel for your home might seem a difficult task to you but it gets easy once you know the correct procedure to make the purchase. You can get a consultation from Mentor Water Experts for assistance & guidance. Read out the steps & sequence of choosing a solar panel. 

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Step 1 – Choosing a Solar Panel

With an off-grid solar system, you won’t be reliant on the city’s power grid. This implies, however, that your solar panel must be capable of producing enough electricity to run your house and store it in a battery. You must therefore predict your daily electricity needs with absolute precision. Don’t forget to budget for little extra electricity. Compare at least 24 months’ worth of electricity bills to generate an estimate.

Step 2 – Know your Financial Option

Solar power systems that are not connected to the grid are more expensive. Off-grid solar system prices typically start at one million rupees. As a result, you must evaluate your available financial options and decide whether you qualify for a solar loan.

Step 3 – Compare Companies & Options

Off-grid solar systems may need junction boxes, wiring, batteries, and inverters. As a result, when evaluating other crucial characteristics of solar panels, take into account the additional services and goods they offer. It is advised that the battery should be able to supply your home with power for 1-3 days. This is crucial during the monsoon season when there isn’t enough sunlight to produce electricity.

Step 4 – Read Reviews

Reading reviews is essential before purchasing. You will have a better understanding of how the system actually operates and the issues that other users have encountered. You should examine the system and consult with anyone you know who has established an off-grid solar system.

Step 5 – Booking & Installation

Before purchasing ask for the installation process. Asking when a professional will come to install the unit for you is an excellent move once you’ve chosen the provider and solar product. Ask questions about the switches, circuit breakers, and fuses during the installation process. In this manner, you will be prepared in case the switch trips or the fuse blows.

professional will come to install the unit


The selection of a solar system is simple. But you must be conscious of your energy needs. Contact Us today or Get a free consultation if you don’t know much about solar power systems. So, rather than hazarding a guess, get advice from a professional! You may easily locate the ideal solar system and have it installed with the help of our consultation. You can call +91 735 100 2123 for assistance!

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