Benefits of Pool Covers

The 4 Major Benefits of Pool Covers

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It can be simple to ignore the significance of covering your pool and the type of swimming pool cover you use after swimming in it or closing it for the winter, but it’s important and worth the extra care. For homeowners, the benefits of pool covers are many. You must winterize and cover your pool as soon as the weather turns chilly and the leaves begin to fall. However, owning a high-quality pool cover is not simply a good idea for keeping your pool safe from the elements and dirt during the off-season.

Over time, pool coverings have developed in inventive ways and are now used more frequently than just for annual pool closures. You have a variety of swimming pool cover alternatives as a homeowner with a pool that can meet your individual and environmental needs. We’ve included some of the major advantages of pool covers here, along with some options to think about when choosing the best cover for your house.

What is a Pool Cover?

The pool covers are the simple sheet that covers & protects the pool from the external environment. The pool covers keep the water warm while the facility is not in use & prevent a method to stop heat loss and pool water evaporation. Additionally, pool coverings can enhance water hygiene and provide an atmosphere that is safer for managers and end users.

pool covers keep the water warm

Last but not least, a pool cover is a crucial component of safety that guards against accidents and people falling into the water. By transforming into a terrace that can be used in different ways, certain models can also improve the area where they are incorporated.

However, according to Energy Saver, you can save 50-70% of heat from evaporation which can save you the water cost too.

How to Use a Pool Cover?

Pool Covers can be used in different ways. You must know the steps & times to use them efficiently. Some points you need to keep in mind are – 

  • If you use your pool during the day, remove the cover right before you get in and put it back on as soon as you’re done swimming.
  • If you only use your pool at night, the efficiency of a pool cover depends on whether the decrease in solar gain that the cover causes outweighs the decrease in evaporation and other losses that it prevents. 
  • This equilibrium is influenced by the climate and the type of cover. 
  • The rate of pool evaporation rises in windy and/or dry circumstances. Therefore, wearing a transparent or bubble cover throughout the day is often advantageous. 
  • The rate of evaporation decreases in hot, humid weather. In this instance, leaving the cover off during the daytime can be more advantageous.
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Benefits of Pool Covers

Pool operators may ensure the cleanliness and safety of their pool throughout the year, regardless of how frequently it is used, by using pool covers. This increases the pool’s lifespan and makes up for the cost of placing it in the facility.

Here are the main justifications for owning a pool cover.


Pool covers, first and foremost, improve everyone’s safety when they enter the pool area. Visitors (humans and/or dogs) won’t unintentionally fall into the pool if the pool is covered by floating slats that cover the entire water’s surface. For increased safety, some models might include anti-slip surfaces.

improve everyone's safety when they enter the pool area.

Versatility and Flexibility

Pool coverings can be created to meet the exact specifications required, no matter the area or size. Additionally, an automatic cover makes it easier to customize your swimming pool overall. The pool covers can be built into the setup from the beginning or can be readily retrofitted afterwards.


Although pool covers are built to last, they also increase the overall longevity of your surroundings. For instance, using a pool cover indoors minimizes condensation in a closed space, preventing any harm to the materials and equipment in the immediate vicinity. The materials used to construct pool coverings must all be watertight and corrosion-resistant.

Low Maintenance & Hygienic

From an operational standpoint, a pool cover solution offers simple access to its engine and to its moving parts, making it a low-maintenance choice. Your pool will be simpler to maintain and keep clean if there are fewer suspended things. It will also be hygienic if debris doesn’t fall into the water.

How to Choose the Right Pool Cover for Your Pool?

Since choosing the right cover necessitates a number of factors, including size, shape, and material, you should make sure you have the knowledge you need before making a purchase. In order to winterize your pool safely and affordably, you must look forward to knowing the right size for your pool. 

Determine the Size of Your Pool

Your pool cover needs to be the appropriate size for your pool in order to close and cover it effectively. Experts recommend that your pool cover for an in-ground pool extend at least 3 inches over the edge of the pool. You must measure your swimming pool to determine its exact measurements before buying a cover.

pool cover needs to be the appropriate size

The Shape of Your Pool

Many people often like pool designs with symmetrical shapes and straight lines, including the rectangular, Kidney, or Grecian styles. Pools with rounded edges or asymmetrical sides, however, demand more work. You’ll probably need to get a custom pool cover if your pool has a distinctive form. You can contact us for some good custom pool covers for your swimming pools.

Material of your Pool Cover

Swimming pool covers typically come in three standard materials to choose from. Some people prefer Mesh Safety Covers or Heavy-Duty Mesh Safety Covers. These are generally normal pool covers that are affordable and easy to use. Some other people like Solid Safety Covers which are costly and require a lot of maintenance. 


Pool cover features keep on changing with the changing tradition. For instance, nowadays, automatic pool coverings satisfy the requirements of most people, which ensures the highest level of user safety. However, no matter which pool cover you prefer or choose, you must know some common benefits of pool covers so that you can buy one. Always look out for the material & size of your pool cover before buying which will help you make a better decision. 

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