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5 Practical Applications of Solar Heaters

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One of the most widely used solar system components that uses solar energy is the solar water heater. It is an inexpensive yet efficient method of providing hot water for your house which heats water by harnessing solar radiation or sunshine as fuel. We are very fortunate to have free and limitless solar power. But do you know, what these solar heaters are used for? Here in the blog, we are going to guide you on the top 5 practical applications of Solar Heaters.
The best thing is, that we don’t have to pay for the sun’s heat and this makes solar water heating systems the least expensive way to heat water. Homes, nursing homes, community centers, hotels, ashrams, hostels, swimming pools, canteens, dairy plants, agricultural land, and industries can all use solar water heaters.

Working Principle of Solar Heater

A solar water heater operates on a very basic principle. The device is equipped with collectors that take in solar energy and transform it into heat. Next, this heat is transferred to a water tank by circulating pumps.
This exchange is only started by thermal regulators when the collector’s temperature is higher than the tank’s water temperature. This method involves the low-density hot water moving upward and the higher-density cold water moving downward from the water tank due to gravity heading.
solar water heaters
Collectors are often grouped in a series-parallel configuration. This makes a large amount of hot water possible. During the summer season, these collectors are most productive at noon. Furthermore, the solar water system functions well throughout other seasons as well.
The fluid in the tanks has been preheated and then heated to the proper temperature by a backup mechanism when there is not enough sunlight. Therefore, in this manner, the solar water heater runs constantly and produces hot water all year long.

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Top 5 Practical Applications of Solar Heaters

All sizes of facilities, from industrial to household heating, can make use of solar heaters. The operating temperature for the majority of applications is 200 °F/ 93 °C or lower. Thermal energy is more efficient than photovoltaic systems since it is used immediately for heating. The top 5 practical applications of solar heaters are:

Domestic Water Heating

Residential structures frequently employ solar water heaters to supply hot water. They are made up of a system to move and store the heat for later use, as well as solar collectors that take in sunshine and transform it into heat. In comparison to heating water with traditional means, such as gas or electricity, solar water heaters can drastically cut down on energy usage.

Industrial Uses

Industrial activities that need heat, such as food processing, drying, or manufacturing, might use solar heaters. Businesses can lessen their dependency on fossil fuels, cut operating expenses, and lessen their environmental effect by employing solar energy for heat requirements. Industrial applications of solar heater systems, where mirrors or lenses focus sunlight over a small area to generate high temperatures are commonly used.
solar power heaters

Swimming Pool Heaters

Swimming pools are frequently heated using solar heaters. Before being refilled into the pool, pool water is pumped through solar collectors, where the sun heats it. This use of swimming pool solar heaters can lessen the demand for conventional gas or electricity-powered pool heaters. It works especially well in sunny places.

Agricultural Usage

Drying agricultural goods including fruits, vegetables, and grains is possible with solar heaters. An economical and greener substitute for conventional drying techniques like open-air sun drying or the burning of fossil fuels is solar heaters. Farmers that use solar heaters can increase the quality of their dried goods, decrease post-harvest losses and preserve their harvests.

Solar Cooking

Food is heated and cooked using sunlight in solar cookers. They are available in a variety of forms, including solar ovens, box cookers, and parabolic cookers. Cooking with solar heaters is a sustainable and economical method of preparing food, particularly in regions with abundant sunlight. It can also lessen the need for conventional cooking techniques that make use of charcoal, wood, or other fossil fuels.

Working of Solar Power Heater

The process of how solar water heaters work is easy and convenient. The chilly water at the tank’s base is heated with the assistance of the heat transfer system inside the storage tank. The water in the tank heats up as a result of the heat transfer process. The hot water is ready for use as it rises in the tank. The cold water inlet at the base allows fresh, chilled water to enter the tank and the process is repeated.
solar panels


The applications of solar heaters are not limited to this. They have more than 100 uses and applications in all types of industries. Using a solar heater will make you an environmentalist as you are renewing energy instead of burning coal. If you live in an area with an abundant amount of sunlight, you must switch to solar heaters. They will make your life easier and more convenient.
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