The Advantages of a Solar Water Heating System

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Solar Water Heaters, often termed domestic solar water heating systems, has lately garnered a lot of attention. With a rise in the price of electricity bills, people are now preferring to install a solar water heating system at home. Solar water heaters are not only an economical option for heating water for residential use, but they are also environmentally beneficial.

Are you thinking of installing a solar water heating system at your place but worried that the electricity produced will not be enough for you to run your systems? So don’t worry, we are here to help you out! In this blog, we are going to tell you about the various benefits of installing a solar water heating system at your place.

A solar hot water system typically consists of storage tanks and solar collectors, which are often PV or thermal cells. A water storage tank that is properly insulated is used by solar water heaters. The collector and storage tank are linked in the solar water heating system by an extra input and outlet.

Top 10 Advantages of a Solar Water Heating System

Advantages of a Solar Water Heating System

Environmental Friendly

With the increasing pollution in the world, a solar water heating system is the best thing to install at your home. Every year, a single solar water heater decreases the carbon footprint by 1850 kg whereas a conventional water heater has a carbon footprint of 4000 kg per year, which is approximately double that of a solar water heater.

As you can see, solar water heaters are assisting us in saving the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions. It is the most eco-friendly material that you can use to reduce your carbon footprint. The traditional water heater is powered by electricity or coal which causes air pollution whereas the solar water heater runs under sunlight which is a great way of saving the world from air pollution.

Cost- Effective

A solar water heater upgrades and eliminates the need for an electricity bill for water heating. Instead of consuming the electricity you obtain from the power system, you are boiling your water using sustainable solar energy. As a result, the power cost will drop by about 18% as water heaters require a lot of electricity. According to research done by the Department of New and Renewable Energy, on average, a residence can save about 70 to 80% of their electricity bills when they install a Solar water heating system in place of a conventional water heating system such as by electricity.

Renewable solar energy will only be utilised for water heating rather than grid electricity. In light of the fact that water heaters use a lot of power, this will result in a reduction in the cost of about 18%.

Highly durable

Water heating systems must be durable enough to last at least 7-10 years, given extremely changeable water quality. The traditional solar water heating systems were built of mild steel that had no coating due to which the water system was affected by rust.

With technological advancements, solar water heating systems are now mostly composed of Galvanised Iron (GI) and any Stainless Steel (SS). This is done to stop salts, chlorides, and other corrosion-causing substances from corroding the steel. The solar water system is coated with a corrosion-resistant material such as enamel, epoxy, powder coating, etc. Some companies also guarantee that the coating makes the tank more durable and long-lasting.

Energy saver says that a solar water heating system requires the least care and maintenance. Generally, it requires maintenance after 5 to 7 years too rarely.

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Simple to maintain over time

maintaining solar water heater is easy

There is no need to be concerned about the system when you install one solar water heater. This sort of heater may last for many years, with a lifetime of 20-25 years. In comparison, an electric water heater has a lifespan of 8 to 12 years.

You will gain one of the major benefits of Solar water heaters is that they generally don’t require extra maintenance or care during their working life. Once you have switched to a solar water heater from a normal electric water system, it will show you a prudent effect.

Winter usage of solar water heaters is possible.

There is a misconception that solar water heaters don’t work in winter but did you know solar water heaters may be used in the winter also? They primarily use two techniques in cold weather. To prevent freezing, an anti-freeze liquid flows from the collector to the storage of the water heating system. This helps to heat water even in winter also.

The other way of heating water in winter through a Solar water heating system is through the drain back mechanism. When the water in the system becomes too freezing, it is drained. As a result, even in severely cold conditions, the solar water heater does not freeze.

Energy production control

Traditional water heaters are powered by energy generated by the power grid. To generate power, fossil fuels are burned. You have no control over anything, from the cost to the manufacturing. Every year several coal and petroleum products are used to heat the water. Even in one of the research done by the U.S. Department of Energy, it was found that overall 18% of total home energy usage goes directly into heating water through electricity geysers.

However, a solar water heater is an off-grid technology that operates independently without using any grid power. It generates energy using solar radiation, with complete control over the process. The amount of energy produced is determined by requirements. This provides greater flexibility and control over energy output.

No Pollution

A solar water heater is the most environmentally friendly type of water heater. They don’t pollute the environment with greenhouse gases or other pollutants.

Solar heaters operate by harnessing the energy of the sun. One of the primary causes of air pollution is the use of fossil fuels. When fossil fuels are used, harmful gases such as sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and others are created. These gases are not emitted when solar water heaters are used instead of the traditional water system.

Works even in a Power cut

Yes, this is true. Solar water heating system works without a power source. Most places in the world are facing a major issue of power cuts which urges the need for a solar water heating system.

It provides warm water even when there is no source of electricity for the past few days. Solar energy is used by solar water heaters to heat water and instantly provide it to your source.

Tax Exemption

Along with that, the government has historically promoted the use of renewable energy rather than conventional energy. Installing a solar water heater is facilitated by several government regulations.

To encourage individuals to select sustainable energy sources like solar electricity, wind power, etc., different state governments have varied policies. However, tax exemptions, tax credits, or subsidies are the fundamental policies. For just a solar water heater installed in 2022–2023, the normal tax credit rate is close to 30%.

Less complicated Installation

solar water heater is indeed simple and not at all difficult to set up

A solar water heater is indeed simple and not at all difficult to set up. Solar collectors, storage tanks, pipelines, a pump, and controllers are the main components of a solar water heater.

The collectors must be installed on the roof; they are identical to photovoltaic solar cell arrays. The storage tank must then be installed wherever it is convenient for you and connected to the controller. Solar water heaters possess basic constructions, so installing them won’t be difficult or expensive, and you’ll save a lot of time.


Here’s why you should consider using a solar water system at home or work. It’s affordable, long-lasting, and uses clean energy from the sun. Plus, it’s easy to maintain. Best of all, it’s great for the environment and supported by many state governments.

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